New Year, New Direction

2017 already? How did that happen?

Man alive, those years went quickly…

I’d given up writing the diary at a point where life had imploded.  My last update was in December 2013 and on New Years day 2014 Drove Cottage, which I’d loved with all my heart, flooded.  You can read all about that saga and the intervening years in my columns on so I’ll leave that written there and move on.

Now as things in life appear to be under a steadily building high pressure I figured that it was time to revisit the blog writing. A place to put down my mutterings and ramblings on a more frequent basis than the longer form articles I write for others.  A diary perhaps, a photo journal perhaps, but this time just keeping it simple.  Back to doing what I think I’m actually not bad at.

I wanted to use this as a diary, almost but not quite, just for me. Somewhere to record the smaller things I notice every day and to capture my thoughts before they vanish like dandelion seeds on the wind.

Watch this space.


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  1. Luke Kozak
    January 8, 2017

    Great to see the blog back Malc – about time! And those photos just get better and better.
    Looking forward to our visit to Savages! 😉

    • malcolm
      January 8, 2017

      Thanks Luke. Just felt like the right time.

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