A frosty start

Yesterday it snowed in the morning. Not a lot, but enough to make winter feel like it was actually here.

As I drove out of the estate for the morning school run I took a short video of the beautiful fat flakes as they fell for the first time this season.  For some reason, unknown to me, the video was picked up by Sky News, the Daily Mirror and the very BBC. سباق   Who can know the mind of media folk? skrill السعودية (video on twitter and instagram feeds)

The snow quickly changed to rain however and the day was wet with a capital P.  The lane away from the house was filled with huge puddles and everything had a proper soaking. لعبة كريكت

Then the skies cleared overnight.  Temperatures dropped and as I walked mungo at about ten o’clock the moon was so bright that I could see every detail of the landscape basking under the milky light.

This morning the world had been visited by Jack Frost. The pond in front of the house was crisscrossed with patterns and bubbles formed as the ice spread.  The mud in the lane had frozen bringing gossamer spider threads of dark soil up the surface that spread like tree roots across the cold silt.

But the real gem was the car roof. A thick blanket of icy paisley feathers spread from front to back that shimmered in the morning light.  Just beautiful.

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