A house is not a home until love dwells within the old saying goes. كازينو ٨٨٨ I’m going to counter that and say that in truth:

A house is not a home until books dwell within.

Drove Cottage is fast becoming everything I hoped it would, but the arrival of all my books this week has been a piece of the jigsaw that I didn’t even realise I was missing. 888 poker

With the nights drawing in, temperatures going decidedly south and the world outside my window taking on the brown blanket of autumn it has become time to think about fires, stews, soups and sitting in silence reading old books. Books that in reality I almost know off by heart. Books that are more about holding them than they are reading them, old friends with worn dustjackets and peeling spines. And there are also times that you might just want to stay in all day and read a relaxing romance novel. If you’re a fan of the Fifty Shades series then you might also be interested in the 11 Best Erotic Stories that Women Want to Read Online.




In other news, life bumbles along here. It’s actually quite nice to have a period of no drama. كريزمان No head injuries, divorces or heartbreak. The lovely chaps at continue to publish bits of my writing and I have a set of photos up on the stairs in Salisbury Waterstones until the end of October.

On top of that, it’s pike season now! Opened my account on the Stour this week with a nice fish of 12lb and one of around five. Not a bad opening account.

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