So, the lockdown continues. For now the garden has been claiming all the attention. العاب لكسب المال There’s grass going crazy that needs to be cut – leaving lots of long bits for wildlife of course. سباق الخيل بمصر There’s a bed that hasn’t been touched for about ten years to be sorted, requiring much mattocking of elder root stocks.

The long low wall near the door has been falling apart all the time we have been here. The mortar had fallen out, the bricks were loose and the capping of old roof tiles had mostly long gone.

With much scrubbing and chipping old mortar off I’ve finally managed to rebuild it and scavenge enough old roof tiles from the piles of junk in the corners of the garden to replace the capping. Hopefully it’ll last a good while and have been worth the effort.

I’ve also been determined to find the time to enjoy the garden rather than just working in it. A cold beer on the bench in the afternoon sunshine, a cup of morning tea as the haze lifts off. Moments of silence and peace that fill the day and burn off the coronavirus craziness a little. العاب ربح مال حقيقي

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