Is this thing on?

Who knew that I could do an update from my phone?!?

Amazing really isn’t it.

I was up and out at four to collect Roz from Heathrow. العاب بتكسب فلوس Mungo walked at that point in the night/morning when everything seems still and asleep. The world around Savages Cottage silent and calm.

Its a miserable day to collect someone who’s been in Oz for ten days. 28° at one end of flight, 8° and drizzling at the other.

The dog needs a walk but even mungo is reluctant to go out into the grey afternoon. 1xbet شرح Maybe a pint watching the Rugby is in order, although just as likely is staying in by the fire. رونى

Having a home that feels like a home rather than a house is such an amazing thing. I’m not sure that after all the searching and upheavals the novelty of feeling so centred in a place will wear off.

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