New Beginnings

So, it’s a time of new beginnings. The old world has been swept away and the future is full of promise. The old family home finally sold and I’ve been able to unpack the dreaded suitcase that has haunted me for eight long months.

I’m sat tapping away at my keyboard in Drove Cottage. There are no streetlights outside my door, there’s no tarmac road for that matter either. The windows are wide open and from my desk I can see glinting stars spread across the night sky. The only noise is the rustling of the fields on the other side of the ancient flint and chalk drove. أفضل أفلام السيارات

The house has brought a sense of peace into my life and that space to reflect has reinforced a sense of gratitude for those friends and family who have helped me out over the last few months. جدول مباريات كأس العالم للأندية 2022 Thanks guys. Without you, well, it’d have been a lot more unpleasant and there’d have been a lot less laughs along the way. You’ve all made a crappy time much better and I love you all.

I’ve decided that the time was right for a complete redo of the diary, I even considered scrapping it after all I don’t live on the Nadder anymore. However I’ve decided to keep going with the existing name. Over the next few weeks I’ll reformat the old entries and they’ll appear here but for now I hope you like the new style. العاب اونلاين للايفون It’ll make more sense as I get to add stuff and get to grips with the code and bits behind the scenes.


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