Savages – April

Life has us hemmed in at Savages Cottage of late.

The garden has launched itself into full fast-and-furious growing season, a flood of green has covered every surface.  Beds now need weeding desperately and the nettles are starting to get out of hand across the back fence. I may have to resort to a spray this year along the back, despite my misgivings.

Every surface is green except one.  The greenhouse, which had been coated in a thick green algae for some years, now gleams.  Inside the peas are planted in some lengths of gutter, the tomatoes are coming on and soil is ready for us to think about what else to put in this year. افلام رياضيه

I’m having to cut the grass what feels like constantly. عربي اون لاين  But, at least we now have a mower that works. Instead of 2 days it now only takes me about 3 hours to cut everything.

One side of the veg plot is dug over and this year I’ve even sieved out all the broken glass and bits of metal.  Whoever was here in the past obviously used some of these areas as a tipping ground.

Outside the garden we have our very own skylark who hovers singing his heart out over the rough grass on the field edge by the fence.  That song. Oh. Summer.

The fields, full of young crop are bouncing with hares, now paired up and happy watching us as we walk/drive past. مستضيف يورو 2024

Deer appear and disappear in the blink of an eye as the rapeseed is now high enough to hide their passage. At night the silence is punctuated by them barking, and the distant hellos of owls.

It’s hard to find the motivation to leave, to be sociable.  There’s a real danger that we could become hermits hiding out here.  The other weekend I stayed in the garden for an entire day and didn’t see another person, not even a tractor.

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