What a couple of weeks. Dashing about the SW with work, a family funeral, narrow misses driving on the A303. A roller-coaster of emotions. 

A horrendously incorrect £1600 electricity bill that’s going to take forever to sort out as seems meter is faulty.

Oh. And log burner is broken and chimney needs rebuilding. House is so cold without fire. Two duvets on beds and gloves while working on computer kind of cold.

Still, the aquifers are finally filling up as we’re getting some rain now. That’s a positive right?

Oh. And it’s nearly Christmas. 

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  1. Maurice tennenhaus
    August 21, 2019

    Enjoying these posts. I think we met today at W Amesbury but maybe it was someone else. I checked in the book. There is no requirement to book in before you start fishing. So there

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